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Via our own fleet we offer an integrated solution of bulking from the ports of Cherbourg and Zeebrugge.
To ensure grouping, we use our platforms of Cherbourg, Bolbec (Le Havre) and Zeebrugge (B) to consolidate and distribute throughout Ireland.
We use different shipping lines at our disposal to link Ireland (Zeebrugge - Dublin Cherbourg - Rosslare) depending on the loading site and on the time requirements.


Through our agency Boulogne Sur Mer, we offer a transport solution "unaccompanied" to ensure flexibility and capacity to the United Kingdom.
We use the ports of Calais and Zeebrugge to link Britain by offering mostly the type of trailer Tautliner to meet the English market requirements.


We operate our 3 platforms (Cherbourg-Bolbec-Zeebrugge) as a bridgehead for our storage and transhipment operations to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

An equipment allowing to have a moving stock at the ships bound for Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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