Our expertise

Our specialists are here for you when you need them. Using our extensive fleet, they will help put together the best possible solution and meet your needs.


A modern fleet, at your service throughout Europe.

With more than 500 trailers and 300 “high cube” 45-foot containers, we have everything we need to transport your goods.

No matter your weight, traceability, loading or grouping challenges, we have a custom solution for you.


180 refrigerated trailers are available to take full loads to Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Rest assured. You are in the hands of a dedicated team, with seamless traceability across all three countries.

The best way to send your temperature-controlled goods and connect the Republic of Ireland with the United Kingdom.


2 warehouses in France (Cherbourg and Le Havre), a site in Eythorne in the United Kingdom, and a base in the Republic of Ireland.

A point of departure to consolidate our grouping activities from France for ambient-temperature goods.

Four points of storage, or we can also handle the distribution of your goods to the destination country.


The rules have changed for exports to and from the United Kingdom.

If you want, we can help guide you through these customs procedures and ensure that your transport flows as easily as it used to.

We make yesterday’s frictionless transport a reality today, bringing goods across borders with no difficulties.

Insert the “Special Brexit” file by clicking on the BREXIT target.

Definition of “Unaccompanied Transport”: The transport of road vehicles or parts of road vehicles by
another mode of transport (Ferry-Train), without the presence of the driver.

We are convinced that our productivity improves when we load our trailers without our drivers, and
we have seen a cavalcade of advantages for both our clients and our organisation:

  • Drivers from the country where the transport operation is conducted, ensuring better communication
  • Adherence to the regulations and mobility package for our drivers
  • “Customer Service” in the countries shipped to, for a better, closer service
  • Improved productivity for our drivers, and better rotation for our equipment
  • Gains on maritime crossings, when the cab does not have to be transported too
  • Facilitated customs processes connecting the United Kingdom
  • No need for driver testing during pandemics
  • Flexibility for our tools and enhanced resource adaptability to our clients’ seasonal requirements…

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