Our commitments & our values

AllianCeuropE is aware of the impact that our decisions and our business has on our communities and our environment. This is why we have implemented a strategy to ensure transparency and ethical behaviour, helping us ensure that our development remains sustainable.

Operational excellence, in harmony with our environment


This responsibility in an integral part of our organisation, and it runs through our relationships with our partners.

Below are a few examples of the solutions we’ve implemented with our employees:

  • Choosing road and sea routes with the lowest impact, according to our clients’ technical and budgetary needs,
  • Recycling,
  • Investment in EURO IV type cabs,
  • Training our drivers in environmentally-friendly and sustainable driving practices,
  • Collecting plastic bottle caps,
  • Recycling batteries,
  • Recycling printer toner,
  • Investing in energy-saving printing equipment,
  • Investing in energy-saving computer workstations (NUCs),
  • Printing on both sides, and in black and white when possible,
  • Switching off lights when employees leave a room, and automatic lighting in certain rooms,
  • Reworking the heating system in the group’s head office, with the installation of reversible heat pumps for improved energy management,
  • Bringing in local service providers from less than 50 km away (cleaning, IT, communications).



ISO 9001 certified

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