Our commitments & our values

AllianCeuropE is aware of the impact that our decisions and our business has on our communities and our environment. This is why we have implemented a strategy to ensure transparency and ethical behaviour, helping us ensure that our development remains sustainable.

Operational excellence, in harmony with our environment


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept to which the Orion group fully supports. Integrate the social, environmental and economic concerns in all of our activities and interactions is essential for us.

We strongly believe that the CSR is essential to create a long-term value for our company like for tomorrow’s societies. We implement commercials sustainable and ethical practices in all of the aspects of our activity.

This implies to protect environment, respect human rights, ameliorate work conditions, promote diversity and inclusion, support local communities and ensuring transparency and responsible corporate governance.



  • BACS decree: Central unit for monitoring electricity consumption
  • Entire Euro 6 fleet
  • Driver training in eco-driving / daily monitoring
  • CSR audit of suppliers
  • Equipment bridged, serviced and maintained
  • Low-energy IT equipment
  • Automatic lighting with rapid switch-off
  • Recycling of toners and batteries
  • Objective CO2, TK blue and HVO, soon EVE
  • Objective Zero Paper

Social and societal

  • Equal opportunities (AFPR, training ≠ post)
  • Inclusivity
  • M/F parity at head office
  • QWL with satisfaction questionnaire, individual interview
  • Occupational risk assessment document shared with the occupational health department
  • Training plan updated annually
  • Training of work-study students and interns
  • No illegal work
  • Disabled workers


  • Annual report published (mandatory) and CA on website
  • Justifiable pricing
  • Invoices paid on time (0.11% late)
  • Customer satisfaction questionnaire

Some performance indicators

On our website, we highlight our key performance indicators to offer you a total transparency on our results and our impact.


This transparency strengthens our engagements to our customers and partners, and reflects our commitment to operating responsibly and openly.







As part of a voluntary approach to safety and security in our work, we now offer a guarantee of quality for the processes deployed on behalf of our customers by holding the status of Authorised Economic Operator.

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ISO 9001 certified

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